I am SO excited to see your name on the list of people that will be publishing with Interlude Press. That's so fantastic!!!!! Congratulations!!! And I can't wait to read what is being written!! Ahh!

Thank you so much!  It’s amazing, terrifying, exhilarating, and many other adjectives ending in ‘ing’!

(Also: me too.  I’m going to fill my bookshelf with these books.)

On Authors & Publishing


We would like to talk a little about authors and business plans. But first, we’d like to say thank you. We’ve received your notes, noticed your reblogs and seen your responses, and we are deeply grateful.

Anyone starting up a business knows to track their results, and we know ours. The response has been more than we wished for—and we thank you for that. We have also listened to and spoken with some of you who may have concerns. So we thank you, too, for sharing your thoughts in a constructive, professional way. We respect the hell out of that.

We said last week that we would be revealing the authors currently on contract to publish books with IP, and we’ll be getting to that shortly. But this is also a good opportunity to share some facts about how Interlude came to be working with this first group of authors and what’s in store beyond these initial titles.

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It’s truly humbling to see my own name alongside the rest of these, some of whom I was friends with, some of whom I’m now becoming friends with.  It feels like a family dinner, but there’s room for everyone at the table—and what better way to start a business than that?

Couldn’t be more excited and thrilled for my fellow authors, and all those yet to come.

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People keep asking me what I thought about last night’s episode/where Klaine is headed, and I’m not really sure why because pretty much my entire relationship with Glee is “how can I turn this into porn”, but…

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I need this side by side with Blaine’s angry face/mussed hair… for science and reasons.

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