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Announcing 100 Days: The Novel!


If any of you guys didn’t manage to catch IP’s 2015 Title Reveals Panel (click the link if you want to catch up), then this post is for you.

I’m sure that many of you suspected as much and waited very patiently for me to be able to talk about it, but yes!  The book I am publishing with Interlude Press is, indeed, my love letter to the United States: 100 Days.

So what does this mean?

Well, it means that I’ll have a crap ton of additional content for you guys on Surplus Sundays, including deleted scenes, inspiration posts, playlists and more, plus I’ll be taking some Q&As on Wordmith Wednesdays, too!  It also means that I can talk about it (mostly) freely with you guys, which is the best part—you’re all so amazing to me, and it was killing me that I couldn’t share it with you!

Now that I can, there’s much more to come.  Stay tuned!

IP24 Panel Eight: 2015 Title Reveals


This is where we’ll be hanging out starting in twenty minutes!  Don’t miss it!

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I’m ready for my close-up… Tune in to Interlude Press on Google+ at 2pm EST/7pm GMT to see me and three other kick-ass authors talking about our 2015 releases! #interludepress #selfie

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Mimsy took things to video.  Shit just got real.

Seriously though, I’m now running an additional giveaway, and you’ll need to watch this video for full details…  Did somebody say free signed physical copy?  Was that me?  ;)

Enter the raffle HERE, and follow me HERE.

You’ve got just under five hours to enter the raffle to be in with a chance of winning a digital copy of my debut novel, and make sure that you’re following me to be in with a chance to win a free signed physical copy of the book!  Full details in the video.



So. Um.


Hello there. **swoons**

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"If Terry is in Echo, where did Kiki go?"

I can see you stalking like a predator, I’ve been here before
Temptation calls like Adam to the apple but I will not be caught
'Cause I can read those velvet eyes and all I see is lies 

Little Boots - Remedy

Belle Chose [2.03]

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I just got the greatest wake-up ever; getting to watch the very first of Interlude Press’ panels for the 24-hour launch party that’s going on all day today! I can’t wait to come home and watch the rest… And don’t forget that I’ll be going LIVE at 2pm EST to reveal the title of my debut novel, talk…

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