Darren Criss for Indie Magazine

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"how are you single?"


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Hummelberry in NY 

(I got a new scanner!)  



A most excellent lesson in self-defense à la Agent Gracie Hart.

Friendly reminder that Miss Congeniality featured a practical self-defense lesson in the middle of a Hollywood movie while also dealing with with issues of sexual assault and victim blaming, dismantling the myth that all feminists need to look and act a certain way, featuring women of color in the pageant without it being any kind of issue, and bringing in an awesome female villain because women can be any kind of character thank you very much.

Rock on, Gracie Lou.

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It’s okay to feel sad, and it’s okay to not be okay straight away when something crappy happens.

Sometimes asking for help can be difficult, but everyone has to do it sometimes :)

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I’m pretty sure this has been on my blog like 12 different times but I will never not reblog this

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A writer for the new york times interviewed a series of people who had survived jumping off the golden gate bridge. Every person she interviewed admitted that about two thirds of the way down, they realized that every seemingly meaningless problem that caused them to jump was fixable.

Every single one.


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