This is getting a little insane, now.

I only made the decision to “burn the boats”, as Annie keeps telling me, this weekend.  Finally spread my wings and learn how to fucking fly.  And then yesterday, on the day that I told my manager I was quitting, my queue spewed out a crap ton of inspirational words to live by that all pertain to my situation.

Today I spent my lunch break reading Chuck Wendig articles.  And then, on top of all that, I got a mystery email from an unknown email address (seriously, if it’s one of you lovely followers of mine, please come forward because I’d like to thank you personally) that simply said, “Courage.  You’re going to kill this thing.”

I’ve never believed in “signs”.  But to have so many in the space of twenty-four hours?  I’d be a fool if I didn’t connect the dots.

  1. sleepdeprivedmind said: So proud of you Mims!! Wishing you the very best. Spread your wings and soar. We’re all behind you supporting you completely. xoxo
  2. dontbefanci said: You have the village surrounding you - even if we’re digital and across miles and oceans. You CAN do this - I’m enviously proud of your courage.
  3. centuryofsleep said: I can happily make you an inspirational playlist. :-P This is all awesomecake.
  4. randomactsofdouchebaggery said: i’m so indescribably proud of you and know you’ll kill it! Wish I could say the same for myself, but I know you’ll tell me that … so we’re even. :P
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